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Six Latest Advanced Technology That Can Change Your Life

Six Latest Advanced Technology That Can Change Your Life

Kegunaan-TeknologiToday many large software company looks to improve performance in the competition by creating a variety of the latest advanced technology in 2014. It can be seen almost every part of human life made easy with the use of advanced technologies, ranging from communication tools to household appliances.

IEEE ComSoc CTN Special Issue on Ten Trends that Tell Where Communication Technologies are Headed in 2015

CTN Issue: January 2015

By Elena M. Neira – Director of Online Content, IEEE ComSoc Board of Governors

TeknologiJanuary 2015 – @elenaneira

As we enter the 15th year of the twenty first century, what are the emerging communications technologies that will be hitting the news headlines, and what trends will be at the top of research and development agendas in industry and academia. Here’s ComSoc IEEECTN list of the top ten technologies worth watching, including possible twists on the horizon for 2015 and beyond. Topics include 5G, cybersecurity, green communications, virtualization, cognitive networks, IoT, smartphones and connected devices, molecular communications, NetNeutrality, Internet governance and fiber everywhere.