A Guest of Ciheras

On Friday, February 20th 2015, Ricky Elson came to Engineering Faculty of Lampung University More »

How to Build a Safer Internet of Things

You can safer internet since early stage. More »


Communication System Practicum Group


This is group of communication system practicum. If there are questions can contact the coordinator Sigit Santoso or admin on Telecommunications Laboratory floor 3. Thank You.


Website Design Competition in Anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering


1st Place Website Design Contest on Anniversary Faculty of Engineering University of Lampung 36th


Alhamdulillah, Telecommunications Engineering Laboratory get 1st place on the web site design contest which was held on the anniversary  university of lampung  engineering faculty event the 36th.

we hope that the results achieved today does not make us complacent, and we also hope that the future of telecommunications laboratory website can be best websites in the university.



Training for Assistant

DSCN5981Before doing lab assistant with the practitioner, the assistant must be able to understand the workings and functions of the tools that will be used during the practicum, therefore the new assistant trained by the previous assistants to understand the workings and also the function of the tool used.

Six Latest Advanced Technology That Can Change Your Life

Six Latest Advanced Technology That Can Change Your Life

Kegunaan-TeknologiToday many large software company looks to improve performance in the competition by creating a variety of the latest advanced technology in 2014. It can be seen almost every part of human life made easy with the use of advanced technologies, ranging from communication tools to household appliances.