Head of Laboratory

AUlvan   Dr. Ing. Ardian Ulvan 

Ardian Ulvan received the Bachelor of Engineering degree in electrical engineering in 1997 from The University of North Sumatra, Indonesia, Master degree  in Computer and Networks Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University, UK in 2001, and the Doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic in 2008. He is with Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Lampung, Indonesia, since 1999.  He is currently working as research fellow and visiting professor  at wireless networks research group department of telecommunication engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic.

His research activities focused on the improvement of Medium Access Control (MAC) layer functionality of broadband wireless system in multi-hop and multi-cell environment, particularly in term of handover functionality, mechanism and procedure. They were part of EU’s research projects Flexible Relay Wireless OFDM-based Networks (FIREWORKS, 2006–2007, http://fireworks.intranet.gr/), Reconfigurable OFDMA-based Cooperative Networks Enabled by Agile Spectrum Use (ROCKET, 2008–2009, http://ict-rocket.eu/) and Femtocell-based Network Enhancement by Interference Management and Coordination of Information for Seamless Connectivity (FREEDOM, 2010–2011, http://ict-freedom.eu/). Those research projects are funded by FP6 and FP7 STREP-ICT EU (http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/home_en.html).

His research works also consider on the implementation of centralised and distributed relay management in mobile environment, as well as the mobility prediction method for handover purposes. The IEEE 802.16e is used as a basic standard of wireless broadband access in cooperation with the new and on progress standards of IEEE 802.16j and 802.16m respectively. As the standards are new and still under development, other standards and technologies e.g., 3G-UMTS and 3GPP LTE have also been considered for selected purposes, since they have proved the capability on mobile and multi-cell environments and services.

Some achievements have been obtained as follow:

  • Notified some aspects influenced the MAC overhead and introduced the efficiency evaluation method of MAC management messages on IEEE802.16.
  • Improved MAC functionality on IEEE802.16j by inventing the combined centralised and distributed scheduling, proposing the indexing method in node association procedure for multi-hop scenario, and modification of MAC message sequences.
  • Improved MAC functionality on IEEE802.16m by inventing single base station scan mechanism in network topology acquisition, deploying the scanning without association and introducing the handover with fast ranging and pre-registration.
  • Enhanced and optimized handover procedure in IEEE802.16m by inventing the novel mechanism and new metric based on the user’s movement prediction, and introducing the new handover strategies called proactive and reactive handovers.
  • Introduced scenario and procedure of handover in the new emerging technology of 3GPP-LTE based femtocells networks. It included the analysis of the seamless handover on inter and intra Radio Access Technology and introducing the decision strategy for handover.
  • Invented a new procedure of network entry/re-entry on the integrated IP Multimedia Subsystems and LTE-based femtocell networks by proposing the five-stages attach mechanism and considering the session initiation delay.

Currently he leads the research project SPECTRUM which has the objective investigating and exploiting the concept of Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) and Cognitive Radio (CR) technology to develop a viable solution for spectrum and energy efficiencies in mobile and wireless network, particularly for current 4G platform based on LTE/ LTE-advanced technology and for the near future 5G technology. The project is funded by Indonesian Government.

His scientific works has been presented in books,  several international conferences and workshops, and published in several international journals:

Reference Book

  1. Ardian Ulvan,WiMAX/IEEE802.16: An Introduction to MAC Layer: Basic functionalities and the enhancement of MAC Layer”, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012. Available at http://www.amazon.com/

Scholarly Book Chapter

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Referred Journal Articles

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Referred Conference Papers

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Contributions to The IEEE Standards:

  1. Ulvan, A., Bestak, R.,“Optimized Handover Mechanism for High Speed Mobility”, Contribution to session #66 IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Session. 15-18 March 2010, Orlando, Florida, USA. Standard contribution No. IEEE C80216m-10_0032.
  2. Ulvan, A., Becvar, Z., Zelenka, J., and Bestak, R., “Using the Relative Thresholds in Handover Procedure”, Contribution to session #47 802.16 relay TG, 5th Task Group Meeting on Multihop Relay in IEEE 802.16. 15-18 January 2007, London, UK. Standard contribution No. IEEE C80216j-07_086.

Technical Reports (European Union public deliverables):

  1. Rocket IST-EU, 5D1, “Mechanisms for increasing the efficiency of MAC/PHY protocols”. 2009
  2. Rocket IST-EU, 5D2, “Specification of a reconfigurable MAC/PHY protocol and guidelines for its application”. 2009.
  3. Fireworks IST-EU, 3D1,”Design and Specification of MAC in Relay-based Cooperative Networks”. 2008
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  5. Fireworks IST-EU, 3D3,”Performance Evaluation and Final Specification of the Enhanced MAC Protocol”. 2008
  6. Fireworks IST-EU, 2D2, “Advance Radio Resources Management Algorithm in Relay-Based Networks”. 2007

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