The Lab offers a comprehensive range of routine and specialized testing and technical consultation on telecommunication systems, broadband cellular and wireless system, microwave and optical networks, including the applications, in the province of Lampung. These testing and technical consultation services provide support to the faculty members, students, telecommunication practitioners, regulators, operators, vendors and government.

In addition, the Lab also provides educational training opportunities and continuing education for a broad range of telecommunication systems. The laboratories are proud to support various research in telecommunication. The Lab follows a stringent accreditation process and has been monitored and evaluated by the Unila’s Quality Assurance regularly. Our goal is to strive to achieve the highest standards of service.

The Lab serves several laboratory works for Electrical Engineering Study Programs. The goal is to educate graduates with the skills to solve problems in the field of information systems and electronic communication networks, creating wide abilities to work at research, design, production and maintenance of all types of communication systems.