Communication System

Communication Systems practicum is one of the telecommunications lab practicum conducted. According to the 2012 curriculum  communication systems practicum  held half of the even. Participant are doing communication system practicum is electrical engineering students who took the concentration of the “SIE (Sistem Isyarat Elektrik)” with the requirement of passing the course of communication systems or are taking the course. Communication System Practicum is a compulsory subject that should be taken by the concentration of the SIE.

Practicum registration requirements as follows:

1. KRS (are being taken)

2. Photo size 2×3,3×4 @1 piece

the requirement must be brought when review session of communication system practice held.


Communication System Practicum do 5 experiments, namely:

1. Baseband Data Transmission Method (Fiki)

2. Aliasing and Multiplexing (Dika)

3. Delta and Sigma Delta Modulation  (Andri)

4. Sampling and Hold  (Angga)

5. Phase Locked Loop  (Taufik)


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