Six Latest Advanced Technology That Can Change Your Life

Six Latest Advanced Technology That Can Change Your Life

Kegunaan-TeknologiToday many large software company looks to improve performance in the competition by creating a variety of the latest advanced technology in 2014. It can be seen almost every part of human life made easy with the use of advanced technologies, ranging from communication tools to household appliances.



1. Smart Watches


The latest advanced technology first is a watch that one can make you as agent 007. Sony and Samsung is the first manufacturer to release a gadget like this with smart watches that will soon release iWatch. When you drive, you can still call and talk for your cell phone in hand.




2. 3D printing


In 2014, 3D printing will be one of the major technologies. Its use for the manufacture of those who need a kidney for a kidney transplant. NASA also will release a 3D printer into space, it is expected to facilitate repair their equipment in space.

3 Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a type of currency that can be used for the online system. This currency is compassion into one technology that controversy due to fluctuations make bitcoin can not be used for this type of currency.

4. Console game


It seems that the creators of the game console is still struggling to maintain this type of game. Creative producer games consoles unify the rules of the game console touch in some apps types of latest games. You can see it in the PS3 and Xbox One.

5.Google glass


When Google released this eyewear products, many problems are present. Many argue that the glasses are also mini-computer is damaging privacy. Because it can be used to record video and photo shoot only with voice commands or eye movements.
6. Finger print


Apple has always been a pioneer in many of the latest advanced technology discoveries, especially in terms of gadgets. The existence of the iPhone 5S finger ID that is currently widely used in the android market. Finger ID part in the security of your gadget. Now you will not worry anymore if the phone is staying at home or on the desk, because only you can unlock the phone with your own finger ID.