Student of Telecomunication Engineering University of Lampung do Visiting Study and Short Research in the Czech Republic


(Unila): “visit of Lampung University students to partner universities abroad, either for study, research, seminars, and other scientific activities are very important for the internationalization of the institution University of Lampung,” said Vice Rector presented the University of Lampung (Unila ) Prof. Dr Ir. Hasriadi Mat Akin, M.P. in his office when removing the departure of two students Unila, Friday (1/3).

Oktaviana Damayanti and M. Taha Yanuar Ayub, Electrical Engineering student visiting Unila perform short study and research in the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) in Prague, Czech Republic. The release of the two students of Electrical Engineering Unila was also attended by Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Muhammad Syarkowi, Chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering Dr.AgusTrisanto, and professor of Electrical Engineering Dr. Ing. Melvi. Hasriadi also reminded the students to study and do research well. Additionally, to absorb as much knowledge, experience, skill, and also build a harmonious communication with student colleagues, and professors at CTU.


All this will be very beneficial, not only to increase the capacity and personal development of students, but also can build a positive image abroad Unila. In addition, climate and academic atmosphere obtained during the visit can also be created in Unila after they return home, especially among students.


Activities and short visiting research study conducted by two students of Unila is part of a plan of cooperation between Unila and CTU. This was explained by Dr. Ing. Ardian Ulvan, a lecturer of Electrical Engineering Unila who become mentors both the student thesis, and as initiator Unila cooperation programs with CTU. Ardian said the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Unila and CTU has reached the final draft process. Hopefully, in the near future Unila Rector and CTU Rector will sign a memorandum of understanding.


In addition to the MoU, as the main plan of cooperation, has also made a draft cooperation agreement (Cooperation Agreement) between the Faculty of Engineering Unila (FT) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU (FEE). In the draft document of the cooperative agreement programs formulated several important activities include research collaboration between FT Unila and FEE CTU, joint publication of research results, exchange of students and faculty / researcher (exchange students and staffs), and plan joint programs and double degree programs between the master study program in electrical engineering Unila with some courses in master-CTU FEE.


Oktaviana Damayanti and M. Taha Yanuar Job was a student who was working on the final project in the telecommunications field, with the topic of integration of femtocell-IP Multimedia Subsystem and IPTV implementation study on mobile networks. Both will carry out research in the department of telecommunications engineering-CTU FEE for approximately three months, starting on March 7 to June 1, 2013. In addition to researching, Oktaviana and Taha also be included in some regular lectures in the master study program of Communication, Multimedia and Electronics in FEE-CTU.


Ardian said that this visiting program pursued academic benefit for the participants. For example credit courses completed in this visiting program will be recognized by the FEE-CTU as well as regular course credit, so if a student one day to register as a master’s student in ESF-CTU, they do not need to repeat courses that have been completed earlier.


In the Unila it self, lectures who completed at CTU FEE-equivalence can be used as lectures and converted into the relevant subjects in the curriculum. Accordingly, Hasriadi as Vice Rector for Academic Affairs said that the future will strengthen the Unila academic regulations. Thus, programs like this are done by each program of study in Unila can be accommodated and will have a clear formal legal footing in the academic regulations of Unila.

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