Open Data for Development Workshop

asd2014 was a year of open data, where the opendata actually mean open is open, and the data is information, when combined into an information that can be accessed by the public freely and can be used to create new information by combining the information there.

This seminar was organized by the World Bank and held on the campus of ANGGREK, University of BINUS, Jakarta on 1 March 2014.

This event, telecommunications laboratory send 7 people to a delegation to attend the seminar. The seminar was attended not only by academics, but non-governmental organization, and other institute that have implemented or will implement the opendata.

The culmination of the seminar is a challenge opendata idea of some of the themes that have been determined, in the challenge, telecom lab team collaborated with some of the participants. Our take on the theme of transportation, and thank God get best category champion idea.


We get a winner in the category of best idea