A Guest from Ciheras

10993085_10204160523947485_2005427496121526971_nWho doesn’t know Ricky Elson, a scientist who was born in Padang who makes the scientists of Indonesia leer him. How not? He is famous enough for his skill in the electric booster motor. We don’t need to doubt his experience because he had ever worked in Japan for 14 years to improve his skill in the electric booster motor.

On Friday, February 20th 2015, Ricky Elson came to Engineering Faculty of Lampung University. He was welcomed well by all Engineering Faculty’s community directly, especially by the 2nd Vice Dean of Faculty Engineering, Dr. Sarkowi,  Electrical Engineering staff, Dr. Ing. Melvi, Head of Telecommunication Laboratory, Dr. Ing. Ardian Ulvan, Head of Mechanical Engineering Master Program, Dr. Amrizal, and Mechanical Engineering Dept. Secretary, Mrs. Novri Tanti.  In the faculty, Dr. Ricky Elson was invited to come into the reception room and talked of his experiences which he have about the electric booster motor technology, his vision of future promising Indonesia, including his project to build the windmill farm for renewable electricity power plant  in Ciheras, West Java.

During discussion in the Faculty of Engineering, there was an interesting topic about electric booster motor for Lampung Province itself. Dr. Elson said that he was invited by the government of  Tulang Bawang Regency to share his knowledge and experience  on building the windmill farm for electricity power plant. During the visit, he found some interesting and  potential natural resources that might be developed in Tulang Bawang Regency. Dr. Sarkowi and Dr.  Ulvan invited Ricky Elson to have a corporation to initiate the integrated system of electric motor on fishermen’s boat and the wind power plant at the offshore platform. This idea was proposed because most of  the coast of Lampung society work as fishermen. So far, the fishermen are having some trouble because of gasoline which always rise.

In this occasion, Dr. Elson encouraged  the civitas academica of Faculty of Engineering to more focus and intensively doing the research which are beneficial for the people and the community development. He also invited Faculty of Engineering’s staffs and students coming to Ciheras and joint the Lentera Angin Nusantara community to study, doing research and sharing knowledge with all the LAN’s member that come from all over Indonesia.